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You cannot believe how many women do not know how to wear lingerie properly.

Many women guess their bra size and some have even been wearing the ill-fitting bra since they were teenagers. A bra that does not fit properly is not only uncomfortable, it affects your appearance and confidence. A correct fitted bra will noticeably improve your appearance because a poor fit limits what you can wear with your outfit.

Your bra size will change from time to time. Bra size normally changes with increasing age, fluctuations in body weight and also during hormone therapy. If you think “32B is what I have always worn and I should stay with one size.” That’s not the reality with breasts.

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How the fitting service works?

We provide a private One to one bra fitting to ensure you are properly fitted. Our Bra Consultants have extensive knowledge of our products and bra fitting technique.

Instead of using the old fashioned soft tape and the bra fit calculators to measure your bra size, we take a look at your current bra fit and know if you are in the wrong bra. Think about it, the armpit/back fats are actually the breast tissue and they are unable to be measured with a soft tape. When they are not measured, there is never a place for them at the bra cups, which means those armpit/back tissue will never rejoined your chest. We do not discount the merits of measurements. We explore and develop a better way to get customers in the proper fit.

The bra fitting service is completely free and we won’t try to sell you something you don’t want.