It is finally here, Braologie’s first walk in store!

Braologie 首間 Walk in Store 隆重開幕!

Braologie would like to say thank you for all the support from Hong Kong, without everyone’s support this would not be possible. We took our time creating our first walk in store, since we do not want to be like everyone else. Think of it as an experimental concept store.

Getting fitted for a bra should be a special experience, so what we created is unique and innovative for our Hong Kong fans. But let’s not spoil the surprise too much, it is best to come visit and experience Braologie CWB yourself.

Braologie 感謝香港女性一直的支持,如果沒有您們的愛戴,Braologie 是沒有可能繼續為大家服務。這段時間以來都收到好多顧客的意見,希望Braologie 可以不用預約都能提供 bra fitting服務。我們一直都記著大家的每一個寶貴意見,終於在長時間籌備下開設了首間walk in store.
合身的內衣對於女性是一件重要的事情。只有穿上合適自己的內衣才能夠減少穿胸圍的不適,提升身形的線條,增加自信和魅力。所以Braologie 為香港女性顧客創造了獨特新穎的試身體驗。長話短說,立即親身到銅鑼灣新店體驗。
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Causeway Bay Store has a spacious waiting area for customer to have a seat and relax while waiting for our service. Appointment and walk-ins are both welcome. If you have a tight schedule and do not wish to wait too long, Make a reservation ahead of time to guarantee your spot.


Address. Flat A, 3/F, Po Foo Building, 1 Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay
地址. 銅鑼灣富明街1號寶富大樓3樓A室

  • Walk-in hours. Mon – Sun: 11:00am – 10pm
  • Appointment hours: Mon – Sun  9:30am – 11pm (10:15pm last appointment)
  • *About 45mins 1 to 1 consultation for both walk-in and appointment based fittings. 
  • Walk-in 開放時間. 星期一至日: 早上11時至晚上10時
  • 可供預約的時間: 星期一至日:  早上9時半至晚上11時
  • *試身服務大概需時45分鐘


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  • Whatsapp. +852 5500 3094
  • 致電.  +852 5500 3094
  • 電郵. [email protected] 
  • 即時網上對話