No bulges at all! Reduces back and side spillage while firming tummy and defining waistline at the same time!


Incredibly supportive. Incredibly comfortable.

With the open-bust design, The Camisole lifts the breasts from the bottom. Not only does it relieve the pain on the shoulders and back, it also prevents breast sagging. With The Camisole, your waistline will be instantly defined and your stomach flattened. The Camisole has built-in soft bones at the back – providing you the full back support for better posture. It deliver killer support and shaping without sacrificing the comfort.


Maintain a proper posture when are sitting or standing

The hardest part of keeping good posture is to maintain it all the time, especially when you are in the same position all day. Wearing Camisole helps you maintain a proper posture all day by keep the proper spinal position. Not only does it help you maintain a proper posture, it also helps your body remembering it.




SIZE 64, SIZE 70, SIZE 76, SIZE 82, SIZE 90




Our Bra Consultants have extensive knowledge of our products and bra fitting technique. We will provide a private one-to-one bra fitting and shopping session to ensure that you get a proper fit. The fitting is completely free! If you are not interested in our products after the fitting, you have no commitment to make at all!

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