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6 Common Bra Problems You Should Know!

Learn How to Solve Bra Fitting Problems!

Bra keeps riding up?

The truth of the matter is that when your bra is illy fitted.

Cup size may be too small.

If your breast is spilling out from the bra cup, it will pull forward and down on the straps.

The band is too loose.

When a bra is too loose (maybe worn out), daily movement will cause it to scoot up your back.

Can wearing a bra cause breast pain?

An ill-fitting bra can create breast pain.
If a bra is too tight or too small, it may be pushing against your breasts.
Makes sure there is no spillage and no digging in at the cups. The band should be level with the front of the bra and parallel to the ground.

Cups gapping because of small breasts?

Try tightening the straps to ensure the cups lay flat. If it doesn’t help, you may consider to experiment with different styles and cup size.
Look for more narrow cup shapes, you are more likely to avoid gaping and able to fill the cups.

Tissue remigration, does it work?

Poorly fitting bras may cause breast tissue to migrate to one’s armpit and back.

Wear a correct bra can train your breast tissue by repositioning the tissue and gradually moving back towards the breasts.

How to eliminate the armpit fat?

Braologie’s bras have higher sides that will cover and hold in the extra tissues.

The extra control panels on the sides smoothes out your body and eliminate the underarm bulges.

Can a bra give you natural cleavage without paddings?

With the right size and style, a good fitting bra will help reunite your breasts without extra padding.s

Wearing Braologie, shoulders are going to be instantly pulled back, stomach pulled in, and boobs…they are going to sit where they should be without any migration in site!

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